Acet Medica AB, is a pharmaceutical company, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The team is interdisciplinary in the medical industry including a Certified Drug Consultant, Professor of Pharmacotherapy, Clinical Pharmacology and Sales and Marketing expertise.


The company possesses an R&D Agreement with a Professor at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Our product line are designed for the global market.

The company is  working with the FDA for a second introduction to the US market, and are negotiating with strategic pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing and distribution.

The active substances of our products has already been approved by the Medical Products Agency in Sweden, which will simplify the process for approval both domestically and globally.


To create the best proven transdermic pain relief, without side effects. Quick pain relief for topical skin conditions.

About 35,000 metric tons of aspirin are sold worldwide annually - enough to make over 100 billion standard pills  every year.

Americans alone use 29 billion aspirins every year - according to CBC News.

The estimated global market value for acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) is valued at $1.66 billion, and that market is growing. According to Fierce Pharma, the market for the top ten most sold pain-relievers in 2011 was worth $24,770 million (ASA $1660 million).

With an estimate that ACET MEDICA AB will be able to penetrate and dominate at least 20% of the ASA market, the estimated

worth is $332 million within 3 years.

Estimated $332 million is just a ballpark figure, to ascert the growth potential in an existing market. ACET MEDICA AB intends to achieve an extensive growth above that. Annually.


The product line will be introduced, sold and distributed globally via partnerships with medical & pharmaceutical producers and approved global distributors.  

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